Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A New Game to Play!

These Three Things....

Ok, this will be a really fun one!!
This kit , which is actually an inspiration pa
ckage and I will offer a different one every month, is called "These Three Things".
Just three elements, which will usually be vintage , or not easily found fun type treasures .
Then, you add absolutely anything at all (new or old) to these three elements to create your own work of art. Add as much or as little as you want to your creation.
Is it jewel
A wall hanging?

Something sewn, beaded,painted,soldered,glued ,died,tied ... I have know idea , but can't wait to find out.
Then the whole following mon
th we will post pictures of our creations on the Flickr group to see what everyone came up with.I love to create , but sometimes get a little block and need to work with something different....

So let's Create Just to Create!
~Not because you have to mak
e inventory for your
lane ,
make mine pin

(I sincerely apologize for any of our completely wonderful shops that I have left out but you get my drift. )
Not because you need to make a gift,
are in charge of school craft project
make a deadline,
design a Ju
ne wedding

Just because it got your creative juices going and was a lot of fun!

Now , if you decide to put your fabulous creation in your wonderful shop, or the June wedding, that' great too! (Mark one off your to do list)
Make a teachers gift : ) ( oops,I forgot
it was that time of year too!)

This inspiration pack will include:

~Vintage salvage german doll (these are from 1890s era and each one is slightly different)
~1920's vintage millinery velv
et cream flower
~vintage metal element ( I see wings b
ut shhh~you may see something else of course)

May Inspriation Package $9.50

I will try to keep all of "these three things" packages always under 10.00
I have just enough elements for 11 people to come and play with this kit.
(leaving one for me to play too!)

Just for fun,
they will arrive to you priority ma
il in this little vintage styled nestFrom me to you...


  1. Shari,

    What a wonderful idea. I love the doll in the nest. Too cute.

    xo Cathy

  2. I tried to use the pay pal button but nothing happened, it just keeps saying error...... I would love to purchase two of them!
    Margaret B

  3. Hi Shari , after recieving your sweet note, I went to see your other blogs, and this one ,too-- AND I would love buying such a sweet package--I know it is far too long ago ,to be a part in the game- but if you still sell this sweetness, Please I would love boying -also 2 pieces if possibly?